Winds of Change or a Hurricane?

Melania Trump took center stage at Thursday’s inaugural ceremonies displaying an easy elegance of class and style.  Isn’t that why you were watching the inaugural day ceremonies anyway? To see what Melania Trump wore.  How her hair and makeup were done? And if she would change into more than one outfit?  Contrary to the media’s beliefs and the protesters, we the people wanted to see First Lady Melania Trump!

First Lady fashion is a long-standing tradition in America.  I remember as a child from the sixties, how the women of my family would watch and then discuss what the First Lady wore.  Every beauty salon, dress shop, drug store and office; held great discussion about the First Lady and her appearance.  You know, I once read a fashion article which stated that when the skirts get longer, the economy goes down.  And when the skirts get shorter, the economy is good.

So, fashion and politics do go hand in hand!  And as with both, there has to be controversy. This inauguration was no different.

Months before the inauguration there was “The Mouse that Roared” moment. (If you don’t know about “The Mouse that Roared” google it.)  The so-called popular fashion designers made public statements that they would not dress the new First Lady. It seems they did not like President Trump and decided to throw the threat out there to show Americans,we should follow their political views.

Oh my, who will dress the First Lady? This could become a national disaster! As I write that statement, my tongue is tightly scrunched between my teeth. Actually,  I found it amusing.  Because these designers could not see that they were cutting off their own noses. Maybe they incurred too many of those artificial, smoke-blown accolades and their vision was blocked!

You know…”Oh, darling your work is marvelous.” Kiss, kiss.

Well, we heard these fashion designers roar and no one cared.

Tip: Never overestimate your own worth to the rest of the world.


Who’s stocks soared the day after the inauguration?


Ralph Lauren… The designer who did dress First Lady Melania Trump!

I feel the winds of change blowing and they are pretty strong.  If Americans agreed with the other designers, Mr. Lauren’s stock would have gone down. They rose instead.

Now I am hearing a whistling whine within these winds of change. There is a murmur of boycotting Ralph Lauren fashion and merchandise.  Which is a win for him again! Because ordinary Americans, like me, will now make the effort to buy his fashions and merchandise.

Again, never overestimate your own worth to the rest of the world.

I can see why our First Lady would choose Mr. Lauren, because he too is a class act. He allows his work to speak for who he is as a designer, not the kind of smoke and mirrors which are used today.

Ralph Lauren is an American designer who worked his way up through the fashion world to become one of fashion’s top contenders globally!  He built a business, not just a dressed up window, with elegant and timeless designs.  A woman of any age wearing Ralph Lauren holds her head high and shoulders back. Because she knows not only do the clothes look amazing, but she personifies beauty and strength in them, without overstating the facts. Ralph Lauren was definitely the perfect choice to dress First Lady Melania Trump!

As for me, I would love for fashion to go back to the day of Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn.  A timeless elegance coupled with an aura of respect, responsibility, and ethics. And then maybe we will be able to stop the nonsense of the entertainment industry and their war on women. They continually implement plans to demoralize  women by making them victims, sex objects, and worthless human beings through their words, actions, songs, and yes… fashion! It is the entertainment industry who has created this image of the weak American woman.

Maybe that is why I am a strong woman because I do not “buy” into their fairy tales, nor do I support the entertainment industry’s luxurious lifestyle. I do not buy. Understand? Buying is a very powerful tool in today’s world.  And even if you don’t have the money, in not buying you are still making a statement.  Just like those who bought Ralph Lauren’s stock the day after the inauguration, they were sending a message to the fashion industry. Even to the world of politics.

I believe their message to be…

“You don’t make the rules anymore!”

So button up your jackets, I predict this next year will be filled with lots of hurricanes blowing across America, carving out change in politics and fashion!  And I also think it will be an entrepreneurial bonanza for the American people. Where will you make your own mark?

Maybe I could be a fashion designer? Do you have to know how to draw or sew?

wind2OK, Maybe Not!



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