Lowes Is Cutting Jobs and They Are Also Hiring? Someone is Confused!

The home improvement corporation Lowes, stated in January they would cut 2400 jobs with a majority of them being at store level.  Now they are stating there will be 500 job cuts at their main headquarters in Mooresville, NC (my home state.) Here is the real kicker…Lowes states they will post 100 new positions at their corporate office in Mooresville and 600 full-time customer support personnel and central production staff in their Wilkes county offices.

So they are firing to hire.

Are you confused yet?

Sounds to me like it is the corporate accounting shuffle.  Firing and hiring to make the accounting books look good without jeopardizing those upper management salaries and bonuses.  My big problem with this is that the hourly wage workers are the ones who will suffer.  These are the  people who need the jobs to put food on the table and a roof over their family’s head. Not a new Lexus or Louis Vuitton shoes.

I could be wrong. And Lowes is not the only corporation who follows this crush the worker, management style.

May I suggest a better plan? Try stopping opening stores for a while and focus on the ones you already have going. Cut sponsorship money to NASCAR and other professional sports you indulge with ridiculous salaries.  And since it is apparently clear you have become top-heavy with upper management salaries, scale them down.

Follow the tiny house movement. Quality over quantity!

Corporations like Lowes need to quit making the blue-collar working class, who really built your empire, suffer because of your ludicrous luxury lifestyles!

And Lowes, we, the customer, should charge you for having to check ourselves out.  Customer service?  You don’t have any.

I believe when jobs do come back to America, we will see the rise of the town hardware stores and small businesses bloom again.  Corporations can only spit on the consumer for so long, before the consumer finds another way to make money and other places to spend their hard-earned money.

The sad part is that I like Lowes!  They are part of the homegrown community which made good.  But I cannot allow my dollar to go to a corporation who has forgotten who put them in the big leagues! You and me.


She Said What?

Recently our family moved into a smaller home here in Texas, which meant we needed to change our insurance agent.  The current insurance agent is located over an hour from our new home.  Now we are not changing our insurance agency and it is a large national company.  As a matter of fact both of our parents had this agency, we have the agency, and our grown children use the agency.  Pretty good referral rate wouldn’t you say?

Well, the other day my husband received a call from the agent which we plan to move our insured items over to execute the coverage.  The lady on the line wanted to know if we would consider only moving part of our insured items to their agent. It seems these two agents know one another and this might cause an awkward situation.  My husband insisted we wanted it all moved, because he was not going to drive an extra hour to sign documents or anything else which might arise concerning our insurance coverage.  He also informed the young lady that his service with the other agent had been considerably inadequate.  She stated she would speak with her agent and let him know.

As my husband informed me about the phone conversation, I become irate at the presumption we would consider such a request!  This is why my husband handles these things, because I have little patience with some businesses lack of perspective.

I look over at my husband and state, “If they don’t want our business we can move it all to a totally different insurance company!”

He nods in agreement.

If I had gotten the call, that is exactly what she would have been told. You see it is our money we pay the agent, which helps to provide his luxurious lifestyle and pay those whom he employs.  So that means, it is our decision as to where, what, and how we want to spend our money.

Which makes me wonder… because they do already have our business, do they feel empowered to make these ridiculous requests?

Remember this fact…

Somewhere along the way businesses have forgotten the important element in the success of their business; the customer!  Take away the consumer’s money and retailers/service providers will vanish into yesterday’s remember when!  You are a very influential individual! The success of every economy depends on the spending power of the consumer.

So, spend wisely!


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Congratulations to the New England Patriots on winning the Super Bowl! I really thought that the Atlanta Falcons were going to win, but New England managed to pull through in overtime.

I also want to say thank you to Lady Gaga for keeping politics out of the American celebration. And for saying “One Nation Under God.”  Politics and football may divide us  in the sporting arena, but when you get down to what matters most…it is the people of America.  Skin color is only 1/8 of an inch thick on our bodies, the rest is just like everybody else!

We are Americans and we are God’s children.  Maybe a little different from the rest, but in the end we are all equal in death.

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Super Bowl Predictions!

Being in the Houston, Texas area, I can emphatically state that the city is alive with Super Bowl fever!  And after reading the predictions from the professionals, I deem it will be a great game to watch.  Even if my team is not playing.

I predict tonight they will have the NFL Honors Award Program and that Greg Olsen will win the Walter Payton Man of the Year award.  It is an award given to an NFL player based on their humanitarian work within the community they live.

“When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.” Luke 12:48

I also predict that the Falcons will beat the Patriots 31 – 27.  Gotta pull for the southern team.

But the biggest award should go to the fans.  Because it is you who actually support these teams with your attendance to the games, and the products you buy.  And in America, we can not have just a simple sporting event.  You the fans, have found a way to turn it into a charitable day too!

Super Bowl party attendees will donate food and other items, which will be given to their local food banks and shelters.  Boy Scouts will pick up bags of food left by front doors in local neighborhoods, which benefit the local food bank.  The day once known as Super Bowl has begun to be recognized as Souper Bowl!

To me that states volumes of who we are as a country.  Because we are a compassionate country.  And when Super Bowl day is over and a winner declared, Americans will find another avenue to assist their fellow-man until next year.  This is what we do and this is who we are…Americans.

God Bless You!

God Bless America!