She Said What?

Recently our family moved into a smaller home here in Texas, which meant we needed to change our insurance agent.  The current insurance agent is located over an hour from our new home.  Now we are not changing our insurance agency and it is a large national company.  As a matter of fact both of our parents had this agency, we have the agency, and our grown children use the agency.  Pretty good referral rate wouldn’t you say?

Well, the other day my husband received a call from the agent which we plan to move our insured items over to execute the coverage.  The lady on the line wanted to know if we would consider only moving part of our insured items to their agent. It seems these two agents know one another and this might cause an awkward situation.  My husband insisted we wanted it all moved, because he was not going to drive an extra hour to sign documents or anything else which might arise concerning our insurance coverage.  He also informed the young lady that his service with the other agent had been considerably inadequate.  She stated she would speak with her agent and let him know.

As my husband informed me about the phone conversation, I become irate at the presumption we would consider such a request!  This is why my husband handles these things, because I have little patience with some businesses lack of perspective.

I look over at my husband and state, “If they don’t want our business we can move it all to a totally different insurance company!”

He nods in agreement.

If I had gotten the call, that is exactly what she would have been told. You see it is our money we pay the agent, which helps to provide his luxurious lifestyle and pay those whom he employs.  So that means, it is our decision as to where, what, and how we want to spend our money.

Which makes me wonder… because they do already have our business, do they feel empowered to make these ridiculous requests?

Remember this fact…

Somewhere along the way businesses have forgotten the important element in the success of their business; the customer!  Take away the consumer’s money and retailers/service providers will vanish into yesterday’s remember when!  You are a very influential individual! The success of every economy depends on the spending power of the consumer.

So, spend wisely!


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