Charity PanHandlers (A Phone Call Away)

My family and myself had a Sunday reminiscent of Sunday’s past.  We went to church, had a lunchtime supper, and came home to rest.  Not to mow the yard or other chores waiting for us, we just wanted to rest.  So, my husband and myself decided we should take a nap.

Around 30 minutes into the nap, our house phone rang.  I jumped up quickly to answer the phone and not disturb my husband. The authoritative male voice (on the other side) told me he represented a law enforcement charity and wanted to know if I would help the officers and their families out.  I politely explained to him that I would have to research his charity to find out how much of the donations actually went to officers and their families, before I could give him my decision.

He readily gave me the information of 10 % of all donations went to officers and their families. I shook my head and asked him didn’t he think that was not much money and was it because they had large salaries being paid to those head of the charity.  Maybe next time I would want to give, was his response.  End of conversation.

So many people are proud to say they run a non-profit or charity, because it is the new career where you can earn big bucks!  Just like the highway panhandlers, who do it because they make $500 to $700 dollars a day by only looking ragged and holding their hand out.  I understand some of these panhandlers do this because they mentally or physically can not hold down a job.  And they have my empathy and money. But the rest of these scam artists and scam charities make my blood boil!

The next thing  I did was to pull my American Heritage Dictionary out and look up the word charity.

3.  An institution, organization, or fund established to help the needy.

I don’t see the words to help yourself to the money listed or pay yourself a salary from the charity either!  Maybe if a looked up selfish or charity selfish, I might find those instructions listed.

Charity from the Christian perspective means love.  Jesus did address the type of charity, where you take care of the needy in Matthew 25:34-36, 40.

“Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me . . . I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”

So whatever action a charity takes concerning the division of funds, they also do it against Jesus Christ.  While a charity CEO makes $100,000, $150,000, or even $ 250,000 a year; the trickle down of the donation may result in Jesus Christ receiving a nickel or even a penny.  They are giving Jesus Christ, the one who saved them from death,  a penny.  Jesus Christ, who gives life everlasting, mercy, grace, and love to each person equally.  These upper class panhandlers, pull a paltry penny from their pockets for their Savior.

Do you see it from my perspective?  The next time you are asked to give to a charity, find out how much goes to salaries and how much goes to the people/Jesus.  You may even find out these charities have been reported for not dispersing the funds.

You can go to and find out the best charities and the scammer charities.

God Bless You!

God Bless America!



I love the travel page on my site One Retail Therapy (! We have some of the best travel companies with amazing offers, on the internet! If you are single and don’t want to do bars and dating sites, we have a travel company just for singles. Some of the companies are specific to one area like Disney World, Orlando, or even Israel.

There is one company which has adventures going on around the world almost 24/7. The company is called ISANGO. They keep me updated with what is trending in the world of travel each week.  And that is how I found out Disneyland Paris is having its’ 25th Anniversary.  Wow, if Walt Disney could see his dream now!

You know I read somewhere, Walt bankrupted 7 times and he would not sell his mouse design.  Even when his future outlook was pretty bleak. I guess you know which design I am talking about. Yep, Mickey Mouse himself.

When I think about Walt Disney, I think about a dreamer and his perseverance. To all of us dreamers, he is an inspiration in never giving up on a dream! I wonder if Walt envisioned his company becoming the mega media outlet it is today?  Maybe that is why I love Disney World so much, because it is full of magic and dreams which just keep on blossoming.  Dreams that were and are achieved.

I believe God gives us dreams and buries them within our hearts.  Some people live out their dreams as teachers, doctors, pastors, and artists.  While others forget their dreams and buy into the world’s declared dreams they should do instead.  And don’t fool yourself into thinking that if a dream is from God, it will be achieved over night.  Sometimes God gives us dreams to teach us things like perseverance, patience, kindness, and respect along the way.

What is your dream?  Maybe a trip to Disneyland Paris for their 25th anniversary? Or maybe a life changing adventure to a third world country to assist them with their every day difficulties and share your knowledge with them.

Whatever your dream is, keep pursuing it! Maybe you will be the next Walt Disney, Mother Teresa, or Steve Jobs.

God Bless You!

The Matcha Affect

The Art of Tea store at One Retail Therapy has a tea called Matcha.  The stated health benefits are pretty amazing! Since I have an auto immune disease which feeds off of inflammation to create other diseases, Matcha peaked my curiosity.  Which means Matcha requires further investigation by me personally.

My current health regimen includes western, and eastern medicine, homeopathy, and yoga.  I stay away from chemo drugs and anything which would harshly affect my body. I  do not believe you can destroy the whole body to heal the whole body.  So I have decided to order Matcha for myself and document my own results for you.

The number one benefit of Matcha is that when you buy their products they donate 5% to the Gift of Life Marrow Registry.  The Gift of Life Marrow Registry helps to find matches for marrow donors and to help fight blood cancers.  I love to support a company which gives back to this world!

I will provide you a link at the end of this post to an article which breaks down the benefits of Matcha.  For now I will list them briefly.

  1. Glowing Skin
  2. Relaxed Alertness Within the Brain
  3. Improves Memory
  4. Boosts Metabolism & Burns Fat
  5. Inflammation Buster
  6. Helps Keep Immune System Healthy
  7. May Slow Down Aging Process
  8. May Help Alleviate Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety

Just the fact that “inflammation” is listed gets me excited.  The rest of the benefits are like  whip cream on top with a cherry to me.  You know, Hope should have been my middle name. I am always hopeful, because my own personal hope lies within my relationship with God. Anything He has made has to be the very best for His children. We seem to forget that fact.

Of course natural does not make the big pharmaceutical companies astronomical amounts of money, so they brush it under the rug. Hoping we won’t look. Well I looked and found Matcha! And, I am very excited to order and document my results with Matcha…good and bad.

If you decide to order Matcha for yourself, will you please send me emails concerning your own results! and put Matcha in the subject line.

God Bless You!




Lucky You (Just In Time for St. Patrick’s Day!)

It looks like One Retail Therapy will be wearing the green this St. Patrick’s Day, while our customers will be putting the green back in their pockets.  I have been overwhelmed at the store’s St. Patrick’s sales and getting them all listed.  Nothing like moving and being the one woman show for a website! I could use a few little leprechauns myself for help.

There are new Hero Ear Buds with a $50.00 off coupon for ORT’s customers.  Steve Spangler will show your kids how to go green scientifically. And as always Schoola is marking it down and moving it out with fashion for the whole family!

Since there is no way for me to list every store’s sale here, I will list the categories.


  1.  Flash Sales
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  23. Technology

If you can’t find something within those stores, then it is not made! Remember sales are great times to buy for Easter, birthday gifts, and Christmas too.

Don’t miss out on putting a little green back in your pocket!

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Lowes Is Cutting Jobs and They Are Also Hiring? Someone is Confused!

The home improvement corporation Lowes, stated in January they would cut 2400 jobs with a majority of them being at store level.  Now they are stating there will be 500 job cuts at their main headquarters in Mooresville, NC (my home state.) Here is the real kicker…Lowes states they will post 100 new positions at their corporate office in Mooresville and 600 full-time customer support personnel and central production staff in their Wilkes county offices.

So they are firing to hire.

Are you confused yet?

Sounds to me like it is the corporate accounting shuffle.  Firing and hiring to make the accounting books look good without jeopardizing those upper management salaries and bonuses.  My big problem with this is that the hourly wage workers are the ones who will suffer.  These are the  people who need the jobs to put food on the table and a roof over their family’s head. Not a new Lexus or Louis Vuitton shoes.

I could be wrong. And Lowes is not the only corporation who follows this crush the worker, management style.

May I suggest a better plan? Try stopping opening stores for a while and focus on the ones you already have going. Cut sponsorship money to NASCAR and other professional sports you indulge with ridiculous salaries.  And since it is apparently clear you have become top-heavy with upper management salaries, scale them down.

Follow the tiny house movement. Quality over quantity!

Corporations like Lowes need to quit making the blue-collar working class, who really built your empire, suffer because of your ludicrous luxury lifestyles!

And Lowes, we, the customer, should charge you for having to check ourselves out.  Customer service?  You don’t have any.

I believe when jobs do come back to America, we will see the rise of the town hardware stores and small businesses bloom again.  Corporations can only spit on the consumer for so long, before the consumer finds another way to make money and other places to spend their hard-earned money.

The sad part is that I like Lowes!  They are part of the homegrown community which made good.  But I cannot allow my dollar to go to a corporation who has forgotten who put them in the big leagues! You and me.

She Said What?

Recently our family moved into a smaller home here in Texas, which meant we needed to change our insurance agent.  The current insurance agent is located over an hour from our new home.  Now we are not changing our insurance agency and it is a large national company.  As a matter of fact both of our parents had this agency, we have the agency, and our grown children use the agency.  Pretty good referral rate wouldn’t you say?

Well, the other day my husband received a call from the agent which we plan to move our insured items over to execute the coverage.  The lady on the line wanted to know if we would consider only moving part of our insured items to their agent. It seems these two agents know one another and this might cause an awkward situation.  My husband insisted we wanted it all moved, because he was not going to drive an extra hour to sign documents or anything else which might arise concerning our insurance coverage.  He also informed the young lady that his service with the other agent had been considerably inadequate.  She stated she would speak with her agent and let him know.

As my husband informed me about the phone conversation, I become irate at the presumption we would consider such a request!  This is why my husband handles these things, because I have little patience with some businesses lack of perspective.

I look over at my husband and state, “If they don’t want our business we can move it all to a totally different insurance company!”

He nods in agreement.

If I had gotten the call, that is exactly what she would have been told. You see it is our money we pay the agent, which helps to provide his luxurious lifestyle and pay those whom he employs.  So that means, it is our decision as to where, what, and how we want to spend our money.

Which makes me wonder… because they do already have our business, do they feel empowered to make these ridiculous requests?

Remember this fact…

Somewhere along the way businesses have forgotten the important element in the success of their business; the customer!  Take away the consumer’s money and retailers/service providers will vanish into yesterday’s remember when!  You are a very influential individual! The success of every economy depends on the spending power of the consumer.

So, spend wisely!


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Congratulations to the New England Patriots on winning the Super Bowl! I really thought that the Atlanta Falcons were going to win, but New England managed to pull through in overtime.

I also want to say thank you to Lady Gaga for keeping politics out of the American celebration. And for saying “One Nation Under God.”  Politics and football may divide us  in the sporting arena, but when you get down to what matters most…it is the people of America.  Skin color is only 1/8 of an inch thick on our bodies, the rest is just like everybody else!

We are Americans and we are God’s children.  Maybe a little different from the rest, but in the end we are all equal in death.

So, while you are celebrating the Patriots win, go to for special Super Bowl apparel and gifts.

And if you are commiserating the Patriots win, go to and check out the flash sales and Valentine gifts for sale.  You will feel better afterwards!


Super Bowl Predictions!

Being in the Houston, Texas area, I can emphatically state that the city is alive with Super Bowl fever!  And after reading the predictions from the professionals, I deem it will be a great game to watch.  Even if my team is not playing.

I predict tonight they will have the NFL Honors Award Program and that Greg Olsen will win the Walter Payton Man of the Year award.  It is an award given to an NFL player based on their humanitarian work within the community they live.

“When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.” Luke 12:48

I also predict that the Falcons will beat the Patriots 31 – 27.  Gotta pull for the southern team.

But the biggest award should go to the fans.  Because it is you who actually support these teams with your attendance to the games, and the products you buy.  And in America, we can not have just a simple sporting event.  You the fans, have found a way to turn it into a charitable day too!

Super Bowl party attendees will donate food and other items, which will be given to their local food banks and shelters.  Boy Scouts will pick up bags of food left by front doors in local neighborhoods, which benefit the local food bank.  The day once known as Super Bowl has begun to be recognized as Souper Bowl!

To me that states volumes of who we are as a country.  Because we are a compassionate country.  And when Super Bowl day is over and a winner declared, Americans will find another avenue to assist their fellow-man until next year.  This is what we do and this is who we are…Americans.

God Bless You!

God Bless America!

3 Day Sale!

Winner Gear is having a 72 hour, 1/2 off sale on their Montar Air Qi Car Mount.

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Winds of Change or a Hurricane?

Melania Trump took center stage at Thursday’s inaugural ceremonies displaying an easy elegance of class and style.  Isn’t that why you were watching the inaugural day ceremonies anyway? To see what Melania Trump wore.  How her hair and makeup were done? And if she would change into more than one outfit?  Contrary to the media’s beliefs and the protesters, we the people wanted to see First Lady Melania Trump!

First Lady fashion is a long-standing tradition in America.  I remember as a child from the sixties, how the women of my family would watch and then discuss what the First Lady wore.  Every beauty salon, dress shop, drug store and office; held great discussion about the First Lady and her appearance.  You know, I once read a fashion article which stated that when the skirts get longer, the economy goes down.  And when the skirts get shorter, the economy is good.

So, fashion and politics do go hand in hand!  And as with both, there has to be controversy. This inauguration was no different.

Months before the inauguration there was “The Mouse that Roared” moment. (If you don’t know about “The Mouse that Roared” google it.)  The so-called popular fashion designers made public statements that they would not dress the new First Lady. It seems they did not like President Trump and decided to throw the threat out there to show Americans,we should follow their political views.

Oh my, who will dress the First Lady? This could become a national disaster! As I write that statement, my tongue is tightly scrunched between my teeth. Actually,  I found it amusing.  Because these designers could not see that they were cutting off their own noses. Maybe they incurred too many of those artificial, smoke-blown accolades and their vision was blocked!

You know…”Oh, darling your work is marvelous.” Kiss, kiss.

Well, we heard these fashion designers roar and no one cared.

Tip: Never overestimate your own worth to the rest of the world.


Who’s stocks soared the day after the inauguration?


Ralph Lauren… The designer who did dress First Lady Melania Trump!

I feel the winds of change blowing and they are pretty strong.  If Americans agreed with the other designers, Mr. Lauren’s stock would have gone down. They rose instead.

Now I am hearing a whistling whine within these winds of change. There is a murmur of boycotting Ralph Lauren fashion and merchandise.  Which is a win for him again! Because ordinary Americans, like me, will now make the effort to buy his fashions and merchandise.

Again, never overestimate your own worth to the rest of the world.

I can see why our First Lady would choose Mr. Lauren, because he too is a class act. He allows his work to speak for who he is as a designer, not the kind of smoke and mirrors which are used today.

Ralph Lauren is an American designer who worked his way up through the fashion world to become one of fashion’s top contenders globally!  He built a business, not just a dressed up window, with elegant and timeless designs.  A woman of any age wearing Ralph Lauren holds her head high and shoulders back. Because she knows not only do the clothes look amazing, but she personifies beauty and strength in them, without overstating the facts. Ralph Lauren was definitely the perfect choice to dress First Lady Melania Trump!

As for me, I would love for fashion to go back to the day of Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn.  A timeless elegance coupled with an aura of respect, responsibility, and ethics. And then maybe we will be able to stop the nonsense of the entertainment industry and their war on women. They continually implement plans to demoralize  women by making them victims, sex objects, and worthless human beings through their words, actions, songs, and yes… fashion! It is the entertainment industry who has created this image of the weak American woman.

Maybe that is why I am a strong woman because I do not “buy” into their fairy tales, nor do I support the entertainment industry’s luxurious lifestyle. I do not buy. Understand? Buying is a very powerful tool in today’s world.  And even if you don’t have the money, in not buying you are still making a statement.  Just like those who bought Ralph Lauren’s stock the day after the inauguration, they were sending a message to the fashion industry. Even to the world of politics.

I believe their message to be…

“You don’t make the rules anymore!”

So button up your jackets, I predict this next year will be filled with lots of hurricanes blowing across America, carving out change in politics and fashion!  And I also think it will be an entrepreneurial bonanza for the American people. Where will you make your own mark?

Maybe I could be a fashion designer? Do you have to know how to draw or sew?

wind2OK, Maybe Not!